November 17, 2019
A web-based teacher gradebook useful in enhancing communication.

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Cold Fusion 4.0.1
WHAT IS ONLINESCHOOLREPORTS.COM? is a useful tool for teachers, students, and parents. It is an online grading and record keeping system that allows students and parents to access their grades and other important classroom information via the internet. has the same features as other grading software plus many other advantages. Students and parents can stay informed with regards to their grades by reviewing the online grade book and there is a constant line of communication between teachers and students through the online message center (Internal e-mail messaging). It is excellent as an organizational tool for teachers, and it also provides students and parents the opportunity to keep track of their educational experience and success. simplifies the tasks of educators and, at the same time, encourages students to use technology to gain information and gives them ownership of their own educational experiences.

  Anyone can use This website was designed to be simple enough for all teachers and students to use with ease, whether or not they have had computer training. Teachers from all over the US are currently utilizing to simplify classroom management, and they report that it is easy to use and serves as a helpful tool in and out of their classroom. The design of this program is such that all teachers can personalize it to suit the educational needs presented by their classroom settings.

Who uses Students like yours and teachers like you.

WHY IS THIS SERVICE FREE? is new to the internet. There is a need for educators to test this site. Teachers' suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated. The more user feedback received, the more useful the site will become as a classroom tool.

Unlike other websites that function in the same way as, this tool is available for use in your classroom and at home at no cost. There is no risk in giving it a try. Become part of along with hundreds of other teachers and gain access to wonderful resources on the internet.

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